Findlay Foods carries an extensive line of appetizers for your restaurant, ask your Findlay's rep for details.

Appetizers - The Perfect Start of a Perfect Meal

I was speaking to one of our sales reps this week and he was very keen on an idea he observed in practice at a local restaurant. Each table in the restaurant had a tent card advertizing a deliciously presented appetizer with the heading on it that went something like this:

"If your server has not offered you this appetizer in the first 10 minutes after informing you of the days specials, this appetizer is free!" the management

Our rep thought this was a genius idea. It achieved several things at once.

  • It advertised the appetizer in a dramatic and compelling fashion.
  • It established an easy to track metric on how well the server was doing at up selling the appetizer to the restaurant patrons.
  • It offered the customer a bit of adventure to see if the server performed as advertised.
  • The icing on the cake was that it was so easy to implement.

It just so happens that Findlay Foods carries a wide, tasty and varied range of appetizers the could easily be implemented in just such a fashion!

Next time you see your Findlay rep, ask him/her for information and their expert input/ideas on our appetizer products and give this concept a try in your establishment.

Findlay Foods has a focus page on appetizers located on our products page, CLICK HERE to check them out!