Earning Respect from your Staff

Being a successful owner/manager is not an easy task.

Dealing with different personalities and work ethics will test even the most patient of managers. The key to it all, I believe, is respect. Staff that respect the management team tend to be more productive, more pro-active, more honest and happier over all.

Now, how do you earn respect from your staff? In my 15 years of managing people and researching the subject, I narrowed it down to these few helpful suggestions. I hope these suggestions will help you to earn the respect you deserve from your staff!

  • Lead by example, do more than what you would expect from your employees. Show them that you work with them!
  • Be approachable, honest, kind and fair.
  • Listen to new ideas or staff concerns with an open mind. Consider all ideas and be creative when addressing concerns.
  • Praise in public. Give credit for a job well done!
  • Punish in private but be kind and direct. With their progress in mind offer solutions to better the situation!
  • Communicate frequently, don't let situations fester or employee obligations slip through the cracks.
  • Be positive and happy this will put staff at ease with you!