Extra Holiday Business

restaurant busy
Whether you run a large "Banquet Facility", a "Bar" or a small "Mom & Pop" establishment, the holidays are a great time to capitalize on extra business!
This is your season, your time to shine! Get your menu set and advertise early. Try to book as many off hour events as possible, maybe offer an incentives for Monday - Wednesday night gathering. Fill each day of the week!
Set up an area where a small group of 6-8 can gather. A group of co-workers or friends might enjoy getting together and exchanging gifts for the holidays and chatting. Offer a special holiday menu and decorate it to make them feel special! If possible you could even charge for the space.
If you are closed for the evenings, take this opportunity to cater private holiday parties on your off hours. Setting up a private room is also ideal if you are still open to the public. Offer a discount on the room if you have over 20 guests.
Everybody enjoys meeting up with friends at their favourite watering hole! Be creative have holiday theme nights where guests can gather and enjoy the holiday spirit! A holiday food & drink menu is an asset. State "For a limited time only", this creates a sense of urgency! Have fun with it!!
People are looking to get together this time of year. By offering the space and the incentive, they will come to you!