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The World of Baking

AIB International
American Society of Baking
Bakery Online: Digital Marketplace for the Baking Industry
Coupe Louis Lesaffre, The Baking Competition
Modern Baking – In-Store Retail Foodservice Specialty Wholesale
The Bread Bakers Guild of America


Cooking Schools

Chop Chop Catering
Culinary Arts School of Ontario
International Culinary Center
From the Farm Cooking School
George Brown Chef School
Holland College
Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute
L'Ecole des Chefs Relais Gourmands
Liaison College - Barrie Campus
Liaison College Oakville Campus
Nella Cucina Culinary School
Niagara College
Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
Petits Chefs Academy
San Francisco Baking Institute
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Stratford Chefs School
Tante Marie's Cooking School
The Culinary Institute of America
The Culinary Arts School of Ontario
The Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School


Cookbook Stores

Appetite for Books
Barbara-Jo's Books To Cooks
Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks
Kitchen Arts & Letters
Kitchen Witch Cookbooks
Rabelais – Fine Books on Food and Drink
The Cookbook Stall
The Cookbook Store


Food Sites and Blogs

Andreas Recipes
Artisan Sweets
Bake or Break
Bakers Banter
Baking Bites
Baking Obsession
Bon Appétit Magazine
Chef In You
Courtney's Sweets
Cream Puffs In Venice
Cupcake Project
David Lebovitz
Dessert First
Food Network
Free Online Recipes | Free Recipes
Joe Pastry
Love From The Oven
My Sweet and Saucy
Natalie MacLean
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum
Savory Sweet Life
Technicolor Kitchen - English version
The Fresh Loaf
The Passionate Cook
Wild Yeast


Egg Links

American Egg Board
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Animal and Poultry Science Home Page
British Egg Information Service
Dietitians of Canada
Egg Farmers of Canada
Egg Farmers of Ontario
Egg Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador
Egg Safety Center
Fédération des producteurs d’oeufs de consummation du Québec
International Egg Commission
Nova Scotia Egg Producers
Saskatchewan Egg Producers
American Heart Association


Foodservice Links

CPMA - Canadian Produce Marketing Association
Garland Canada


Food Service Recipes and Info

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Please use your discression!

Asparagus Michigan Asparagus Board, a recipe for soup for
Instant Potato and Beans From Basic American Foods recipes for 50
Potatoes Washington State Potato Growers
Vegetables Norpak lots of fresh veggies recipes to download
Chicken & other Recipes Tyson food service recipes 24-50 size range.
Fruit and Nuts:  
Avocado Recipes California Avocados, food service recipes but not too large.
Grapes California Grapes, a nice variety of recipes
Kiwi Recipes Kiwi Info and Recipes
Pears Pear Bureau Northwest, a few recipes.
Prune Recipes California Prunes,80+ large & fat reduced high fiber recipes
Raisins California Raisins, recipes for 80 servings
Baking & Baking Formulas:  
Bakery Formulas Progressive Baker, breads and pastries
Baking Formulas Pastry Chef Central, pizza, rolls and much more
Blueberry Formulas Baking with blueberries recipes for 100 or so
Chocolate Recipes Hershey's Chocolate Recipes, just a few recipes here.
Flax Bread Formulas Flaxseed Council of Canada
for Children:  
Berry Recipes Oregon Berries, raspberry and blackberry recipes
Eggs American Egg Board, recipes to serve 24
Eggs Canadian Egg Marketing Board several recipes for up to 24
Honey & Sweets:  
Candy Recipes Peters Chocolate big recipes for candy
Honey 40 recipes with a golden touch
Seafood & Fish:  
Fish Alaska Seafood, large quantity recipes
Grains & Vegetarian:  
Beans & Rice Indian Harvest, small and large recipes including a vegetarian burger
Lentils & Peas US Dry Pea & Lentil Council, for 24, they look yummy!
Soy Enhanced Meals United Soya Bean Board, 8 large main meal recipes
Vegetarian 3 recipes to serve 100 and possibly more recipes
Italian Polly-o Cheese Several recipes for 50 servings
Kikkoman A variety of foodservice recipes
Mediterranean Olives Mediterranean Lindsay Olives, lots of recipes for 24 servings
Large Serving Recipes:  
Ellen's Kitchen Recipes for 25-50 and lots of tips, some breakfasts


Recipes by Gina - Recipe of the Moment

Blue Cheese Bison Burger


  • 5 lbs. Ground Bison
  • 5 tsp Olive Oil
  • 2½ cups Chopped Red Onions
  • 5 cup Chopped Mushrooms
  • 1½ cups Diana's Barbecue Sauce
  • 15 ounces Blue Cheese
  • Ground Black Pepper & Sea Salt to taste



  • Clean and oil grill. 
  • Preheat to medium high.
  • Warm olive oil in a pan over med-high heat.
  • Add onion and mushrooms and sauté until soft and tender.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Divide bison into 30 equal sections and press flat.
  • Make a small well in 15 pattys and add approximately 1tbsp of veggies and 1oz of blue cheese to each.
  • Slice your blue cheese to flat chunks as to allow the burger to cook more evenly.
  • Place the other pattys on top of the filled pattys and press to seal.  
  • Brush barbeque sauce over the top of each burger and season with freshly ground pepper and sea salt.
  • Grill over direct heat 7 minutes on the first side and then 3-4 minutes on second side (for med-med/well).
  • Keep brushing on barbeque sauce while grilling.
  • Serve on a bun or wrapped in lettuce with  condiments of your choice: lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, Frank's hot sauce and other.