Foodservice Hardware Vendor Links

 Company Name
 Product Type
  A. J. Antunes & Co.
  Concession Equip.
  Adamation, Inc.
  Warewashing and Conveyor Equip.
  Aladdin Temp-Rite
  Menu Systems
  Alto-Shaam, Inc.
  Roasting and Hold Ovens, Rotisseries, Deli displays
  Alvey Washing Equip.
  Warewashing Equip.
  Amco Corporation
  Wire Shelving and Storage Solutions
  American Dryer, Inc.
  Hand Dryers
  American Metal Craft
  Smallwares, Kitchen Utensils and SS Products
  Anetsberger Brothers, Inc.
  Fryers, Grills, Pasta Cookersa and Bakery Equip.
  APW Wyott
  Grills, Toasters, Warmers and Counter Equip.
  Arctica Showcase Company
  Deli and Bakery Display Cases
  Atlas Metal Industries, Inc.
  SS Metal Fixtures
  Avtec Industries
  Ventilation and Distributor Walls
  Bakers Pride Ltd.
  Char Broilers and Ovens
  Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc.
  Walk In Coolers
  Belshaw Brothers
  Donut Frying Equip.
  Berkel Products Co. Ltd.
  Meat Slicers, Processing and Packaging Equip.
  Beverage Air
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Blackwood Career Apparel
  Uniforms for the Hospitality Industry
  Blodgett Co.
  Ovens, Ranges and Combi Steam Ovens
  Coffee Beverage Equip.
  Browne Durand
  Browne smallwares
  Smallwares and Kitchen Utensils
  Browne Thermalloy
  Cooking Pots
  Brute Manufacturing
  Heating and Holding Equip.
  Buffet Enhancements Int. Inc.
  Specialty Buffet Display Equip.
  Bunn-0-Matic Corp.
  Coffee Beverage Equip.
  Burn Guard
  Oven Mitts and Safety Apparel
  Cambro Manufactg
  Food Storage Products, Plastic and Fiberglass Trays
  Canada Cutlery Importers
  Quality Chefs Cutlery
  Candle Corp of America
  Candles and Table Lighting
  Wire Shelving and Storage Solutions
  Carter-Hoffmann Corp
  Heating and Holding Equip.
  Cecilware Corporation
  Beverage and Cooking Equip.
  Champion Industries
  High Volume Ware Washing Equip.
  Manufactures Representative
  Cleveland Range
  Steam Cooking Equip.
  Continental Refrigeration
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Cooper Instrument Corp.
  Temperature Testing Equip.
  Corby Hall
  Table Top Cutlery and Serving Products
  Crathco (Grindmaster)
  Coffee and Beverage Equip.
  Heating and Holding Equip.
  Crown Verity
  Outdoor BBQ's and Grills
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Specialty Serving Ware
  Dormont Mfg. Co.
  Flexible Gas Hoses and Connectors
  Dough Pro
  Pizza Dough Handling Equip.
  Douglas Machine Corp.
  Pot and Pan Washers
  Pizza, Deck and Convection Ovens
  Duke Manufacturing
  Convection Ovens andHolding Equip.
  Hand Mixers and Juicers
  Can Openers, Crushers, Scales, Appliances
  Eurpoean Cookware and small Kitchen Appliances
  Cooking Timers and Computers
  Fisher Faucets
  Pre-Rinse and Sink Faucets
  Ice Storage and Handling Systems
  Food Warming Equip., Inc.
  Heating and Holding Equip.
  Forbes Industries
  Specialty Hotel Furniture & Carts
  Frosty Factory
  Frozen Beverage Dispensers
  Gas and Electric Cooking Equip.
  General Slicing
  Meat Slicers, Processing and Packaging Equip.
  Glastender, Inc.
  Glass Washers, Bar Fixtures and Sinks
  Globe Food Equip.
  Meat Slicers, Processing and Mixing Equip.
  Gourmet Display
  Unique Display and Buffet Products
  Steam Cooking Equip.
  Outdoor Furniture Seating
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Hall China
  Complete Line of Oven and Serving Ware
  Hamilton Beach
  Small Mixers, Blenders and Kitchen Appliances
  Hardt Equip. Manufacturing
  Chicken and Meat Rotisseries
  Hatco Corp
  Toasters, Heating, Holding and Display Equip.
  Henny Penny
  Fryers and Deli Display Equip.
  Ware Washing, Preparation,Mixing Equip.
  Toasters, Heating and Cooking Equip.
  Ice Makers
  Ice 0 Matic
  Ice Makers
  IMI Cornelius
  Beverage Dispensers and Ice Making Equip.
  Imperial Range
  Cooking Equip.
  Waste Disposers
  Intedge Industries, Inc.
  Small Wares, Linen and Small Cooking Appliances
  Iron Furniture
  Metal Furniture
  Jackson Dishwasher
  Ware Washing Equip.
  Jade range
  Cooking Equip.
  Jet Spray
  Beverage and Juice Dispensers
  Johnson Rose
  Smallwares and Kitchen Utensils
  KaTom Restaurant Supply
  Hardware Supply
  Keating of Chicago, Inc.
  Fryers and Griddles
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Kitchen Aid
  Small Appliances
  Lang Manufacturing Co.
  Cooking Equip.
  Le Jo
  Vegetable Preparation Equip. and Candle Lamps
  Libbey Glass Can. Inc.
  Glass Ware
  Lincoln Foodservice Products
  Conveyor Ovens
  Lodge Manufacturing
  Cast Iron Cooking and Serving ware
  Mainstreet Menu Systems
  Menu Systems
  Ice Makers
  Market Forge
  Steam Cooking Equip.
  Matfer Misc.
  European Cookware and Kitchen Smallwares
  Merco Savory
  Heating and Holding Equip.
  Pot washing and Soaking Systems
  Wire Shelving and Storage Solutions
  Middleby Cooking Systems
  Conveyor Ovens
  Fat Filtration Systems
  Moline Machinery Ltd.
  Industrial Baking Equip.
  Multiplex Co., Inc.
  Beverage and Juice Dispensers
  Food Preparation, Warming, Serving and Equip.
  Nor-Lake, Inc.
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Walk In Coolers
  Nu-Vu Food Service Systems
  Baking Ovens
  Table Top Cutlery, China, Glass
  Microwave Ovens
  Draft Beer Dispensing and Bar Equip.
  Pitco Co.
  SS Inserts, Pans and Cooking Pots
  Prince Castle
  Toasters, Timers, Holding Equip. and Smallwares
  Quest Metal Products
  Premium SS Fabrication & Cooking Equip.
  Randell Manfacturing, Inc.
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Combi Steam Ovens
  Ready Access, Inc.
  Drive Thru Windows
  Red Goat
  Waste Disposers
  Robot Coupe
  Vegetable Preparation Equip.
  Concession Equip.
  Plastic Storage, Food and Refuse Handling Products
  Russell Food Equip. Ltd.
  Supplier of Quality Equip. and Supplies.
  Kitchen Safety and Productivity Smallwares
  Schwank Heaters
  Outdoor Patio Heaters
  Ice Makers
  Service Ideas
  Beverage Servers
  Silver King/Celco
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  SkidBuster Nautilus
  Safety Footwear for the Food Service Industry
  Cooking Equip.
  Quality Buffet and Serving Equip.
  Star Manufacturing Intl. Inc.
  Toasters, Grills, Ovens and Concession Equip.
  Stellar Steam
  Steam Cooking Equip.
  Stephan Machinery Corp.
  Industrial Food Processor Equip.
  Sure Shot Systems
  Automated Cream and Sugar Dispensing Systems
  T & S Brass & Bronze Works
  Plumbing Faucets
  Soft Serve Ice Cream Equip.
  The Dudson Group
  Commercial China
  The Hotsy Corp.
  Pressure Washers
  The Salvajor Co.
  Waste Management Systems
  The Stero Co.
  Ware Wash Equip.
  Thermal Engineering Corp.
  Broilers and Grills
  Traulsen & Co., Inc.
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  True Mfg. Co. Inc.
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Univex Corp.
  Mixers, Slicers and Food Preparation Equip.
  US Range
  Cooking Equip.
  Meal Serving Systems
  Victory Refrigeration
  Complete Line of Refrigeration Products
  Counter top Juicers, Blenders and Mixers
  SS Inserts, Pans and Cooking Pots
  Vulcan Equipment
  Cooking Equip.
  Counter top Juicers, Blenders and Mixers
  Waste King
  Waste Disposers
  Wells Manufacturing
  Toasters,Countertop Cooking Equip.
  Winston Industries
  Cooking/Holding Equip. and Collectramatic Fryers
  Wolf Range
  Cooking Equip.
  World Dryer
  Hand Dryers

Recipes by Gina - Recipe of the Moment

Red Thai Pizza


  • 1 19 oz prepared pizza dough ball   #34139
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 3/4 cup Saucemaker Red Thai Sauce   #06447
  • 8 oz chicken breast, skinless, boneless, cut in narrow strips.   #59788
  • 4 oz vidalia onion, sliced
  • 2 oz snow peas
  • 3 oz scallions, sliced into matchsticks
  • 5 oz mozzarella cheese   #20625
  • 3 oz white bean sprouts



  • Pull and stretch dough to fit 15" X 10" (40 cm x 25 cm) or 10" (25 cm) pizza pan. Brush with 1 tsp (5 mL) vegetable oil.
  • In a skillet, heat remaining oil, stir fry chicken and garlic 3-4 minutes. Add onion, snow peas and scallions, fry 1-2 minutes.
  • Spread Saucemaker Red Thai Sauce on crust.
  • Arrange chicken mixture evenly over the crust. Sprinkle cheese over meat and vegetables, then add carrots and sprouts on top.
  • Bake at 425°F (220°C) for 10-12 minutes.  YIELD: 1 10" (25 cm) Pizza (6 slices)


  • Who says pizza has to be round?
  • Surprise your patrons with square, rectangular or an oval presentation!


Go ahead...this delicious pizza has authentic thai flavour, but it's more about sweet than heat. You'll crave the tender garlic stir-fried chicken strips, colourful vegetables, gooey-good mozzarella, julienned carrots and fresh bean sprouts. If you love Thai, here's a taste you've got to try!

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