play a game

Let's play a game .... while we increase sales!


Wouldn't it be great if you went to work and played games all day? You can make it happen, after all you're the boss! Putting in place incentives in the form of games is a fun way to motivate employees, team build and increase sales. You could have different incentive games running every day, week or month!

1 - RESTAURANT BINGO - choose the items you wish to push and create a board with squares.  When an item is sold, have that person initial the box. The first one to make a line or the one with the most boxes at the end of the contest period wins. bingo01-200
2 - BALLOON SURPRISE - fill balloons with coupons for prizes and money; when a target or goal is hit have the staff member break the balloon and they win that prize. ballon-200
3 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE - an Olympic style game that rewards such goals as most add-ons per sale, most sales per day or week or highest rank in customer service on comment cards. Servers will encourage customers to fill them out. medals-200
4 - HORSE RACE - set up a race track on a board and assign each staff member a horse. The first one to the finish line wins. hourse-race-200 copy
5 - FLOATING $10 BILL - You want to increase dessert sales? The server to sell one dessert gets the $10 bill. The first to sell two takes it from the first person. The first to sell three gets the 10 from the one who sold two. The exchange continues throughout the shift. At a pre-determined time or when the first server is cut from the shift, the server with the $10 keeps it! 10-bill
6 - IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE! - Draw a thermometer for each employee and colour in the sales or item totals as they increase. The hottest one wins. One thermometer could be used for a team challenge with a prize being enjoyed by all. thermom