findlay building 700
Findlay Food's new home, 675 Progress Ave., Kingston, Ontario

In February 1986, F. William Findlay, who had more than 25 years of food service experience, founded Findlay Foods (Kingston) Ltd. Following the death of Mr. Findlay in the company's inaugural year, Findlay Foods (Kingston) Ltd. restructured and, over the next two and a half decades, has changed consistently to meet the demands of the ever-increasing food service sector.

As a company, Findlay Foods has positioned itself to be able to better anticipate the direction and position of each of our customers. Our motto is "Helping you to succeed!".

Our company is comprised of working partners, with our warehouse and inventory being housed here in Kingston. Our objective has been to provide the highest level of service within a smaller territory than our competitors; this allows us to deal with the requirements of this area and enables us to stay focused on service.

Located at 675 Progress Ave., Findlay Foods is proud to have all of it's warehouses, coolers, freezers and offices amalgamated into a single  building. Our state-of-the-art facility has been outfitted with technology and business systems to help us serve our customers better, faster and more efficiently. At Findlay Foods we employ over 70 people and are truly a local company with all of our wages and profits remaining within the community. Buying from Findlay makes good sense.

At Findlay Foods (Kingston) Ltd., we believe in service and are prepared to continue just as we have since our first week of business.

"At Findlay's, Wholesale Food Distribution to the Foodservice Industry is our passion!"