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We have added a search utility to enhance the usability of our website by allowing our users to search the site using keywords. The search facility is very easy to use.

For a basic search all you have to do is enter the word (s) you are interested in and searching for them.
Our site is setup so you can search certain slices to narrow down the search results. Right now you can search out site by searching the:

  • Entire Site  - Selecting this option  will search our entire site.

  • Products - Selecting this option will only search our Product Section

  • Recipes - Selecting this option will only search out recipes section.

When searching for information it is worth noting that searching on too specifically might not find the info you are interested in, searching too generically might return too many results. My advice is to start with simple one word searches and then move to more specific searches if you get too many results from the simple search.

For example: As of today May 19th, 2010 if I search the ENTIRE SITE for:

  • CAKE - I get 9 results.
  • CHEESE CAKE - I get 4 results.
  • JELLO CHEESE CAKE - I get 0 results.

Again today if I search PRODUCTS for:

  • CAKE - I get 7 results.
  • CHEESE CAKE - I get 2 results

Advanced Search Syntax Operators

For the more computer savvy user our search utility allows you to use advanced search syntax.

What are the advanced search syntax operators, such as Boolean, phrasing, and wildcard methods?

Increasing the accuracy of a search can be accomplished by using special search query operators supported by our search utility.
By default, if a search query is entered without any arguments between the words, each words must be present in a document in order for it to show up on the results list.  Here is a chart of Boolean arguments and some examples of each:
AND + (plus)
Our search utility supports the
AND argument, or the + (plus) which requires the word be present in a document in order for it to qualify as a matching result.  In the example below, the words central, park, and the phrase "new york" must all be present in a document in order for it to show up on the results page.

  • central AND park AND "new york"

The the example below, the words William and Jefferson must both be present in a document in order for it to show up on the results page.

  • +William +Jefferson

 NOT - (minus)
As important as it might be to require a word to exist in a search query, it may be just as important to provide words that you do not want to be present in a search.  This is where the NOT argument, or the - (minus) comes in handy.  This often helps visitors remove documents by specifying words that may not have relevancy to their search.  In the example below, the words central and park are required, however, the word mime must not be present in order for a document to show up on the results page.

  • central AND park NOT mime

The same thing can be accomplished with + and - operators in the example below.

  • central +park -mime

OR | (pipe)
OR argument, or the | (pipe) is a condition that states that the word or phrase can be present (and thus give it a higher relevancy ranking), but it is not required for a document to show up on the results page. This argument is useful to include additional search query parameters without completely removing other candidate matches.  In the example below, the word search is required, but the word term is not -- however, if it is present in a document, it will score a higher relevancy.

  • search OR term

"phrase search"
Searching for phrases means that the words between the quotes must show up in that exact order, adjacent to one another.  In the example below, the complete phrase
"Detroit Rock City" must be present in a document in order for it to show up on a results page.  Having the words Detroit, Rock, or City on the document is not enough -- the words must be in the exact word order as provided between the quotation marks.

  • "Detroit Rock City"


We hope this explanation assist you in making the most of our website.
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Sign up for a free account and get access to our Details View Feature!

If you login with a User Account you can use the Details Button to toggle our Details View on and off. The Details View will give you access to thousands of details on specific product codes. Information includes product origin details, allergen information and dietary restriction details!

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You can enter multiple search terms. If you are looking for lean beef, simply enter those two terms into the Search Tool.

You must use a minimum of three characters for your search term.

Be default our search tool uses a Match All Terms criteria. You can change this under Advance Search Options to Match Any Terms.

This tool searches both our Product Description field and our Product Code fields.

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We have several special Express Shopping Categories available for the convenience of our On-Line Shoppers.

When you first login as a Cart User, you will be taken to your Previously Purchased Products Page.

For your selection convenience, this page lists all of the products you have purchased from Findlay Foods in the current Year making it easy to re-order the product you are familiar with!

These products are sorted by YTD QTY.

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Other Express Categories available are:


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Category > Product Group > Products

If you already have a username and password or you wish to create a new account, click on "LOGIN / CREATE ACCOUNT".

It only takes a minute to setup a User Account. Once your account is setup you will be able to view Product Details and Sign Up for On-Line Ordering (Findlay Account required for On-Line Ordering).

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Minimum 3 characters in the search box!
Separate multiple terms with a space! Ex: "beef lean retail"
You can also search Findlay Product Codes, for multiple codes you must select the "Match ANY terms" option.
Note: Only the Product Code and Description Fields are Searched with this utility.