Maintain Price Lists Improvements
We have made some changes to the way the Maintain Price Lists Program works.

Our programmers have added some cool new features to this program to make maintaining your Price Lists easier, faster and more effective!

pricelist 1Maintenance of your Price Lists just got easier due to automation!

Right now, on a weekly basis, the Findlay Business System will check every price list in our system looking for products that have:

1) been sitting in a price list for at least 180 days

2) have had no sales for that product in the past 180 days.

Note: the 180 figure may change in the future, this is the current setting!

Last Sunday you received your first Automated Price List Maintenance email, listing the products found on your price lists that match this criteria.

Since this was the first time the Automated Price List Maintenance program ran, no products were removed.

This Sunday, those products that were flagged will be removed from their associated price lists if one of three things does not happen:

  • A sale for that product it made to the price list customer
  • The Sales Rep enters the price list and edits the price for the product in question
  • The Sales Rep Updates the Active Date for the product in the Price List
You will also possibly get a new Automated Price List Maintenance Email showing you which products have been selected for removal next week, should the program find products on one of your price lists that will match the removal criteria next week.

This way you have ample time to visit your price lists and make what updates and changes are required.

Let's look at these three points for clarity.

"A sales for that product is made to the price list customer"

This is an easy one and also makes you money. If the customer purchases the product then it will not be removed from the price list because there has been a sale in the past 180 days.

"The Sales Rep goes into the price list and edits the product price"

If you edit the price for the product in the price list in question, the Active Date for that product on that price list is updated and the product will be active on that price list for another 180 days.

"The Sales Rep updates the Active Date for the product in the Price List"

First let me explain what we mean by "Active Date", the Active Date is the date the product was placed on a price list or the last date that the Active Date was updated on.

There is a new function built into the Maintain Price List program that will let you go into the price list and update the "Active Date" for a particular product to today's date.

Let me explain this point in greater detail.

Here is our Maintain Price List display:

pricelist 1

Select a product on the price list. Notice the new prompt, "Active Date (F1 to update): 05 Jun 17

This is the method we use to update the Active Date, keeping our product on this price list.

When we press "F1" here, the Active Date for the selected product gets updated. (See the following image)

pricelist 2

pricelist 3

As you can see, the date has been changed from "05 June 17" to "05 Oct 17" (today's date as of the writing of this document).

Updating the Active Date changes the next date that this product can be flagged for automated removal from a price list, should there continue to be no sales posted for this product.

With the Active date set to "05 Oct 17", the next time this product will be tested for removal would be "April 3 2018"!

Remember that once you select a product, you can move up and down in a column using the arrow keys and you can move from column to column using the Tab key.

pricelist 4

One very important last thing to remember, once you update the Active Date on a product(s) and or update/change prices, you must F(ile) the new Price List to save it in our system!

pricelist 5
Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the IT Dept.

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