Routing 2.0 - What's changed, what's new?

Just a quick note to start. I have made a short 5 minute video, below, showing the Routing / Clearing / Invoicing of a Truck. Watching the clearing and invoicing of a truck will give you a sense of the flow of the program. Since we will now be clearing and invoicing individual trucks, once you see one truck done, the others will be just the same.

  • The big change moving to this version of the routing program is that we will now be able to pick a truck by room.
  • We will be picking from a Picking Manifest now instead of  individual Pick Slips.
  • There will be a Picking Manifest created for each truck and for each room to be picked.
  • A Picking Manifest will have all of the calls for a specific truck, filtered by room, with each call listed in the proper order to be picked, each call listed one after another.


If the original Truck 143 Dry Room manifest had 6 pages, with the pages numbered 1-6 and then there was an add-on order for that truck with Dry items on it, a new Dry Room manifest page for Truck 143 would be printed for the add-on and it would be numbered page 7. It will be given to the picker working on the Dry room who will add it to the bottom of the Truck 143, Dry Room Manifest.

Notice the Truck Number at the top of the page. Each call is numbered in descending sequence. Also notice that the Bin Location is in the now familiar spot on the right side of the page, next to the Qty listing.

manifest 1Sample Manifest

Training Video Notes:

First I quickly route some trucks. I will chose the top three trucks, 143, 186 and 298.

Once I have routed these three trucks, the next thing to do is to drop the three trucks and print the new Picking Manifests.

So far everything is very much the same as we do now.

Once the three trucks are dropped we see that there have been some changes to the Delivery Routing Status Screen.

We have new columns for Pages, Dry, Freezer and Cooler.

The "!" mark indicates that there has been a Picking Manifest printed for the room in question. If there is no manifest for a particular room, there will be a blank space.

Once the manifest has been Cleared, the manifest picker's initials will be shown under the appropriate column.

Once all three rooms have been Cleared and the "!" marks have been changed to initials, the truck has been successfully picked and cleared. The Invoices can now be printed. Once the invoices are printed the truck is finished and it's ready to go and we are ready to work on a new truck!


Once a Manifest has been picked and the paperwork has been returned to the Routing operator, the manifest needs to be Cleared through the system. If there are no revisions or catch-weights to record, it is very simple to clear a manifest.

When you go to clear the Manifest, you will only see items on the screen that are on the manifest you are working on.

The first thing we need to tell the system is which room we are clearing the manifest for. In our example, we will be clearing the (D)ry room first.

Image4Once you select a room you will be prompted for a pickers name to record as the picker for the room.

If there is nothing to change on the invoice and there are no catch-weights to record, it's very simple to clear the room, simply enter "C" to clear the manifest.

If there was a catch-weight product you would be prompted that the manifest can not be cleared yet!

Once you clear a Manifest you will be prompted for the Start and Stop times for picking the room in question. The Total time will be calculate for you. The time is entered in 24 hour format. Pay attention to the change from PM to AM. Once you enter the picker times, you will be prompted to continue. This pause will let you check the Total to make sure that the time entered makes sense.

Once you clear a room, the routing program remembers it and notes it on the screen. It is possible to clear a room a second time should there be a reason to, any catch-weights entered the first time through will be remembered the second time. You will not be prompted to enter the catch-weights the second time through the clearing process. Catch-weights can be re-entered should there be reason to correct typos.



When there are catch-weight products on a manifest, the weights need to be recorded. The procedure for recording catch-weights is still very much the same as before with the exception that only the orders with the catch-weights need to be opened. If there are no changes and no catch-weights then you so not have to enter the order before you clear the room.
Image8All orders with catch-weights that need to be entered are clearly marked by the yellow CW, once the catch-weight has been entered the yellow CW turns white, signifying that it has been finished.


This manifest for Truck 143 is now ready to be cleared. Notice that we have initials under all three of the rooms. This means that all three rooms have been cleared and that we are ready to print the invoice so this truck. The Function key to Invoice a Truck is the F3 key!


That in a nutshell is the nuts and bolts of our new Routing Program.

Once a truck has been Cleared and Invoiced, it moves on the Status Screen from the Active section of the Routing Screen to the Invoiced / completed section of the screen. This lets the Routing Operator know at a glance how much work is still "on the floor".

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